Research and Development

Avon Group are at the forefront of developing and implementing new and innovative processes, materials and manufacturing techniques that are focussed on improving performance efficiencies, minimising environmental impacts and reducing costs. Our research and development resources ‘in-house’ encompass fully equipped laboratory and product testing facilities at most of our sites. These range from highly specialist rubber testing for aerosol seals to air flow and acoustic testing for automotive products.

Our highly skilled engineers and laboratory technicians form strong partnerships with our customers which enables us to design and manufacture unique solutions that deliver significant added value to our customers.

Our strong working relationships with our key materials suppliers also ensures we are always abreast of developments in materials technology and are able to leverage the benefits that this brings to our customers in terms of improved performance, reduced environmental impact and/or reduced cost.

We have become increasingly focussed on maximising the benefits of recycling or upcyling waste product generated in many of our manufacturing processes which has a resultant win-win result for us and our customers alike.

  • 3D Printing and prototyping including SLA, SLS, Polyjet and FDM technologies.
  • CAD modelling including CATIA solid and 3D drawing, ABAQUS finite element analysis and FILLCALC mould and tooling design.