Acoustic Insulation

Avon Group has extensive experience in the field of specialist industrial foams which are acknowledged as the most effective method of absorbing sound and vibration in a huge range of industrial and manufacturing situations.

We’re able to design, manufacture and test components that solve difficult sound and vibration issues. With sophisticated technology we’re able to shape, form, cut and vacuum pack every type of substrate so it’s easy to fit and works flawlessly no matter where it’s used.

Acoustic Insulation Products

Acoustic foams

Products that use materials with a cell structure tuned to absorb sound waves across a density range from 9kg/m3 to 240 kg/m3.

Non wovens

Products incorporating materials developed to be lightweight but also excellent at absorbing sound.

Heavy layer

Products manufactured using a material with a high mass and used as a surface treatment or as part of a composite to reduce sound transmission.

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