Aerosol Seals

Avon Group manufactures stem and gasket seals used in the manufacture of aerosols that dispense a huge range of liquids and gases. Every one of the billions of seals we produce each year has to perform entirely safely, irrespective of the contents, ensuring the safety of the consumer and the reputation of our customers.

This means our total focus is on developing rubber compounds that perform flawlessly and ensuring manufacturing quality is rigorously controlled to the highest quality standards.

Our world class laboratory and manufacturing facilities based in South Wales, UK are unrivalled in Europe. Coupled with our distribution and logistics base in the USA, we’re equipped to ensure swift distribution and continuity of supply to customers worldwide.

Aerosol Seal Products

Stem gasket

Provides safe, accurate and precise dispensing of contents from within the aerosol valve.

Cup seal

Provides a static seal to safely secure the valve and assembly of the container.

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