Heat Protection & Insulation

Avon Group is the UK’s leading expert when it comes to supplying carefully engineered products that solve a plethora of heat protection and insulation issues for industrial and manufacturing companies. With extensive materials knowledge and unrivalled manufacturing capability, we can design and produce products in large or small volumes to exacting specifications. Whether it’s rigid substrate, foam, fleece or foil, we can tailor-make products that out-perform comparable solutions.

Our products can be found in domestic appliances, commercial and domestic cookers and ovens, boilers and furnaces, air conditioning, heaters and fires, wood burners and many more.

Heat Protection & Insulation Products

Flexible insulation materials

Pads of glass, rock and high temperature silicate wools, papers and felts for use in domestic and commercial catering equipment and fires, stoves and woodburners.

Solid insulation materials

Precision machined high temperature boards and insulation blocks in a range of densities and materials suitable for burner chamber linings, element supports and heat diffusion.

Gaskets & seals

Sponges, rubbers and non-asbestos materials for sealing mating surfaces and reducing heat or electrical transference.

Foil protection materials

Insulation materials supplied with foil facings or foil enclosed for reduced fibre migration and damage.


Combinations of insulation backings and finishes for bespoke products, to reduce moisture, improve handling and increase thermal and acoustic resistance.


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