Plastic Mouldings

Avon Group’s expertise in the design and manufacture of specialist plastic components guarantees products and components that outperform comparable alternatives.

Products engineered using the right materials and to exacting quality standards save time, money and waste. Our in-depth experience with customers in diverse manufacturing sectors ensures we’re able to quickly understand the issues and develop solutions that work. In-house design and tooling facilities coupled with highly efficient manufacturing puts us firmly at the forefront of plastic moulding manufacture worldwide.

Plastic Moulding Products

Re-inforced plastics

Plastics reinforced with fibres, such as glass, provide strength and lightness. Often used as metal replacement components.

Metal overmoulding

Metal components can be surrounded or enclosed by plastic to provide strength and lightweight protection.

Component assembly

Other components can be fitted to products or assembled together to create finished products ready for use.

High volume parts & components

Multi-impression moulds and highly automated plastic injection moulding enables very large volumes with repeatable high quality.

Specialist components

The diverse properties of plastic allows creation of products for use in extreme conditions and for far-ranging applications.


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