Automotive Interior

Avon Group products are used extensively by many of the leading motor manufacturers in the UK and Europe.

We design and manufacture products that enhance value, increase quality and improve functionality in the interior of vehicles. These can be produced in a wide variety of different materials including rubber, vinyl, foam, plastic, fleece and both woven and non-woven materials. Using a variety of cutting-edge manufacturing processes, we’re able to shape, form, cut and combine different materials together to create unique components that offer superior all-round performance characteristics.

We design and manufacture Airflow © – a unique range of lightweight ducting and specialise in providing bespoke products for protecting vehicle interiors during production and shipment cycles.

Automotive Interior Products

Seat back

Low-density comfort foams to ensure enhanced luxury for the end-user.

Dashmats and cupholders

Moulded components that prevent items moving when the vehicle is in motion. Adds a pleasing grained finish.

Glovebox felts

Self-adhesive felt used as a low cost alternative to flock coating. Provides an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Hush panels

Injection moulded or moulded polyester panels located in the footwell. Prevents noise from the floor entering the cabin.

Interior protection

Protects the vehicle interior from potential accidental damage during production and shipping.

Load space flooring and insulation

Recessed storage in the rear of the vehicle. Can also double-up as an NVH barrier.

Parcel shelves/Luggage bay covers

Non-woven, formed shelf. Prevents noise from the rear entering the cabin and provides safety feature by hiding contents of the luggage area.

Transmission tunnel liners

NVH lining, usually polyester. Reduces noise from a localised source - usually between the gearbox and engine.

Instrument & fascia panel components

Moulded plastic, thermo-formed die-cut fleece and non-woven materials for surface fittings and NVH. Products can be laminated with high quality, tactile material finish.

Insulating foams & stuffer blocks

Used to fill cavities through which noise, water and dust could enter the vehicle interior.

Mirror and door insulation

Compressed foam located between the body shell and exterior plastic to prevent wind noise entering the vehicle interior.

Interior trim fittings

Moulded, soft plastic and thermoformed components in numerous colour options, can be laminated with high quality, tactile material finish.

Door water shedders

Impermeable layer which prevents water entering the interior vehicle through the door casing.

Heating & air circulation

Moulded plastic componets often with foam additions offering effective junctions and termination for ducting.

Foam air ducts

Controls movement of air to all, and often difficult to access, areas using lightweight and acoustically advanced materials.


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