Seals & Gaskets

Avon Group has over 40 years experience of designing and manufacturing a vast range of seals and gaskets used in industrial and commercial applications.

We understand the complex design, material and performance requirements for effective sealing of gases, oils, chemicals, heat, water and steam and develop and manufacture high quality solutions to suit. Seals and gaskets can be manufactured to high tolerances in specific shapes in a huge range of materials including rubber, plastic composites and foam. With the capacity to supply large volumes, economically, we can also provide kits and maintenance packs directly to field staff to reduce stockholdings and speed maintenance response times.

Seal & Gasket Products


Various grades for diverse applications including heat, chemicals, fuel and gas sealing.


Flexible, high performance material for irregular surfaces and wider gap sealing.


Laminated and adhesive-backed materials for improved positioning and fixing.

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