Automotive Exterior

Avon Group products play an important role in providing exterior protection, acoustic insulation and cosmetic enhancement for many leading automotive vehicle brands.

Our products are specifically engineered to meet demanding performance criteria and employ a wide variety of material substrates.

These range from engine bay heat protection shields and liners through to bumper baffles and fuel tank foam protectors. We design and manufacture a unique range of vehicle protection components that effectively eliminate the risk of damage on the production line and during shipment.

Automotive Exterior Products

Body protection

Protects the exterior of the vehicle from accidental damage on the production line or in transit to the dealership.

Wheel protection

Protects the exterior of the vehicle from accidental damage on the production line or in transit to the dealership.

Internal door protection

Internal door lining to protect from water ingress.

Wheel arch liners

Formed plastics or non-woven materials that house the wheel. Used to protect the vehicle from stones and enhanced safety for pedestrians and other vehicles.

Headlamp & tail lamp gaskets

Foam and rubber gaskets ensuring effective moisture seal.

Sealing and gaskets

Prevent water and dust ingress as well as providing noise-damping across the vehicle.

Anti-squeak tapes

Noise dampening materials used to prevent squeaks and rattles throughout the vehicle.

High temperature reinforced plastics

Lighter and cost-effective alternatives to metal components in a variety of high grade finishes.

Transmission and underbody NVH

Foil protected foams sandwiched between oleophobic and hydrophobic scrims. Prevent road noise entering the cabin. Can also be used as an undertray anti vibration pad.

Engine mounts, bushes & suspension components

Maintain engine position and provide isolation of vibration and noise from the vehicle body.

Engine bay battery covers and NVH

2D or moulded components used to supress battery noise within the battery casing.

Bumper and bonnet baffles

Soft moulded NVH foams with a thick skin used to prevent vibration and noise between the body shell and bumper or bonnet.

Fuel connectors & clips

Chemical resistant plastic and metal fastenings for fuel lines.

Bulkhead insulation

Polyester moulded or 2D components that reduce engine noise and heat transfer from the engine bay to the cabin.

Bonnet liners

Reduces engine noise and provides a quieter drive through acoustic absorption.

Rubber air ducts

Provide a tight seal for engine airflow, allow movement and provide resistance to extremes of heat and chemical exposure.


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