New lab enables innovative solutions

We have recently expanded our laboratory and testing facilities to create space for larger commercial and domestic catering appliances. Our facilities enable us to monitor internal and surface temperatures over specific usage times and, with the use of thermal imaging technology, we can monitor entire surfaces for hotspots (or indeed cold spots in an oven chamber) and tailor the insulation and/or heat protection effectively.

We have also installed a power monitor to measure precisely an appliance’s power consumption during operation, and how changing the insulation affects this. When coupled with temperature monitoring, this gives an invaluable insight into power consumption patterns and the impact on running costs. This combination of technologies enables us to develop alternative insulation for appliances, whilst ensuring the efficiency of the appliance is not affected.

With an understanding of the temperatures in each zone, we can tailor the insulation to ensure hotspots are sufficiently insulated whilst cooler areas can benefit from less costly grades of insulation.